West Virginia Cosmetology Insurance

If you are in the cosmetology, esthetics, or nail technology industry in West Virginia, then you should consider purchasing cosmetologist insurance. As it is with any other profession that involves giving “hands-on” therapies, being a cosmetologist is inherently risky.

You may tend to think that your cosmetology practice is low risk and compared to some other professions, it is. But, while your risks don’t seem that great, situations can arise that are outside of your control and you need to adequately protect yourself and your career against these possibilities.

Sometimes self-employed cosmetologists think twice about paying for insurance but in the event if a lawsuit, the cost of insurance premiums would probably be a small fraction of the amount you may have to pay for legal defenses and any monetary judgment that is entered against you. Whether you’re a student, an independent contractor or an employee of a beauty shop, West Virginia cosmetology insurance is essential.

West Virginia Cosmetology License Requirements

In order to gain a license to practice as a cosmetologist in the state of West Virginia, individuals must complete at least 1800 hours of training. Those who want to become estheticians and nail technicians must complete 600 hours and 400 hours of training, respectively. After completing the requisite training, students must pass a licensing exam issued by the Board of Cosmetology. The board also accepts work experience in lieu of part of the requisite training and allows licensed cosmetologists from other states to transfer to West Virginia (license reciprocity).

Like in many other states, cosmetologists in West Virginia are not required to possess liability insurance. However, it is recommended that qualified cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians obtain liability insurance to protect themselves and their professions.

Insurance – The Protection Every Cosmetologist Needs

As a cosmetologist operating in West Virginia, you perform beauty therapies that help your clients to achieve their best look. While you would never do anything to intentionally cause property damage or bodily harm to your clients, unforeseen problems can happen. Imagine that a skin care product, such as oil or cream, you use on a customer causes an allergic reaction that needs medical attention. Or your hair dryer malfunctions, causing your client to sustain burns. These things are outside your control and a good cosmetology insurance policy can be a low-cost safety net.

Litigation can quickly and easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cost of legal fees, court costs, court ordered damages and the cost of settlements. Without the right coverage, you could lose your savings, assets, and even future earnings. Don’t take the risk. Get cosmetology insurance today to protect your livelihood.