New Mexico Cosmetology Insurance

If you’re practicing cosmetology in the state of New Mexico, injuring a client is never in your game plan. Whether you are a fresh, new cosmetologist straight out of school or you are an experienced cosmetologist who has practiced for years, accidents resulting in lawsuits can happen to anyone. The beauty industry is broad and the closeness of the majority of beauty services provided leaves room for various accidents to happen.

Two Main Types of Cosmetology Insurance

Professional liability (or malpractice) protects the cosmetologist against any lawsuit resulting from an error or mistake on behalf of his or her services. For example, if you give a facial with a new product, and it causes the client to break out in a rash. This scenario could lead to a claim filed against you, but if you carry liability insurance, you would be protected.

General liability (or slip-and-fall scenario) covers the cosmetologist against claims made due to bodily injury, damage within the environment you run your services, or a certain amount of stolen equipment. For example, if a client slips on hair that hasn’t been swept on the floor and suffers an injury. He or she could then file a claim against you, but if you carry cosmetology insurance, you would be covered.

Why choose to carry cosmetology insurance?

Being an experienced cosmetologist, you are working with electrical tools, chemicals, sharp instruments, and other equipment that have the potential to injure a client. For this reason, carrying cosmetology liability insurance is a financially-wise and career-savvy decision.

It is in your best interest to choose to fully cover your license against any possible claim that could come up in your future. If wax gets too hot, a specific hair dye causes a client’s hair to burn, or equipment malfunctions and causes injury, your reputation, business, and license is at stake. But with the right insurance policy in place, you are saving yourself from issues that occur—in or out of your control.

New Mexico Cosmetology FAQs

Am I eligible to obtain a cosmetology license?

If you are at least 17 years old and completed at least a 10th grade education, you are eligible to obtain a cosmetology license in the state of New Mexico.

What do I need to do to obtain my cosmetology license?

You will have to complete 1,600 school hours and pass written, practice and board jurisprudence exams.

Do I need a license to be a cosmetology instructor?

Yes, you need a cosmetology license plus 1,000 training hours.

Does the state of New Mexico require me to complete continuing education units (CEUs)?

Yes, instructors are required to complete 12 CEUs per year.

How often do I need to renew my cosmetology license?

A person practicing cosmetology must renew his or her license every two years in the licensee’s birthday month—along with a $50 dollar fee.

Moving to New Mexico from another state?

No problem, just make sure you provide verification of licensure in another state with similar or superior requirements. Or, you can substitute 150 credit hours for each six full months of licensed experience.