Nebraska Cosmetology Insurance

As a practicing cosmetology professional in the state of Nebraska, it is your number one goal to have your clients leave each appointment feeling and looking their best. You’ll work with a number of clients on a daily basis. Each with different skin, different hair. And, sometimes you may not be aware that a potential lawsuit is looming in your future.

Fortunately, you can prepare your career and your bank account for that unforeseen claim against you. Carrying the right beauty liability insurance can save both your reputation and your business—see how.

Two Main Types of Cosmetology Insurance

Professional liability (or malpractice): covers claims made by clients who suffer injury or damages due to an error from  your services. For example, an infection received from a nail treatment caused by an instrument that hasn’t been cleaned properly can result in a lawsuit against you.

General liability (or slip-and-fall scenario): covers claims made against you for both bodily injury and property damage, including some stolen equipment. For example, a client walks out of your studio stealing a pair of shears. This stolen equipment would be covered under general liability insurance.

Why do I need cosmetology insurance?

You may be thinking you will be okay without choosing beauty insurance coverage. You have been taught safe practice techniques. Or, you’re a seasoned cosmetologist with years of practice behind you, and nothing has happened yet. It’s impossible to predict when you may make a mistake in the future or a client suffers an unexpected injury.

Choosing your own liability insurance coverage, you are able to protect both your credibility as a professional and your business against any possibility of future claims filed against you.  After putting in thousands of hours to get your license and working so hard to achieve success in your career, why leave losing it all to chance? The simple solution—carrying cosmetology insurance.

Nebraska Cosmetology FAQs

Do I have prerequisites to complete?

If you are at least 17 years old, have at least a high school education or equivalent, and have completed first aid class, you are eligible to obtain a cosmetology license in the state of Nebraska.

What do I need to do to obtain my cosmetology license?

You will have to complete 2,100 school hours (2,000 credits) and pass both written and practical exams.

Do I need a license to be a cosmetology instructor?

Yes, both a cosmetology license and 925 training hours are required to be a cosmetology instructor.

Does the state of Indiana require me to complete continuing education units (CEUs)?

Yes, eight CE hours are required biennially.

How often do I need to renew my cosmetology license?

A person practicing cosmetology must renew his or her license biennially by December 31 of even-numbered years—plus pay a $118 dollar fee.

Moving to Nebraska from another state?

No problem, just make sure you are licensed in another jurisdiction issued on the basis of written and practical exams and complete a cosmetology course consisting of at least 2,100 hours.