Michigan Cosmetology Insurance

As a professional cosmetologist working in the state of Michigan, it is your goal to have every client leave your services looking and feeling his or her best. Successfully doing so is rewarding for both you and your client, leading to a growing business and larger clientele. But, even the most seasoned beauty professional can make a mistake—either knowingly or unknowingly—that leads to a financially draining lawsuit.

But not to worry, there is a solution. Carrying the appropriate liability insurance allows you to work stress-free with your reputation and license protected.

Two Main Types of Cosmetology Insurance

Professional liability (malpractice): protects your practice against claims made filing negligence on behalf of the cosmetologist. For example, if a client has a negative skin reaction to a new mask used during a facial treatment, he or she could choose to file a claim against you.

General liability (or slip-and-fall scenario): protects your cosmetology business and reputation in the event of a lawsuit arising from bodily image or property damage. For example, a client trips and falls due to un-swept hair on the floor sustaining an injury, he or she could file a claim for damages.

Why do I need Cosmetology Insurance?

The more coverage you have, the better off you’ll be—the general rule for liability insurance. Keeping this rule in mind will help you better protect your business from possible lawsuits. Because both your reputation and your license can be tainted by the threat of litigation, carrying liability insurance is a wise decision both in terms of finances and the longevity of your career. Don’t let the hard work of building a successful beauty business go to waste. Have the appropriate beauty insurance coverage to help protect a career you worked so hard to achieve.

Michigan Cosmetology FAQs

Am I eligible to obtain a cosmetology license?

If you are at least 17 years old and have completed at least a 9th grade education, you are eligible to obtain a cosmetology license in the state of Michigan.

What do I need to do to obtain my cosmetology license?

You will have to complete 1,500 school hours/2-year apprenticeship and pass the appropriate exams.

Do I need a license to be a cosmetology instructor?

Yes, a cosmetology license plus 500 training hours are required.

Does the state of Michigan require me to complete continuing education units (CEs)?

No, CEUs are not required.

How often do I need to renew my cosmetology license?

A person practicing cosmetology must renew his or her license every two years by the end of August—plus pay a $48 dollar fee.

Moving to Michigan from another state?

No problem, just make sure you hold a valid cosmetology license in another state with similar or greater requirements.