California Cosmetology Insurance

As a cosmetologist practicing in the state of California, it is not only your job to ensure your clients leave looking their best but to also ensure you have the appropriate liability insurance coverage.

Although your clients come to you with confidence knowing you can make them look and feel great, an accident happening can never fully be eliminated. Liability insurance may not have been a service previously considered, but it is an absolute necessity to protect your business in the case of potential lawsuits.

Two Types of Cosmetology Insurance

Professional liability (or malpractice) includes any grievances or claims filed by clients claiming to suffer injury or damages due to negligence on behalf of the cosmetologist. Examples include: chemical burns to the scalp due to a hair color treatment gone wrong or an infection received from a nail treatment.

General liability (or slip-and-fall scenario) protects you against third-party claims for both bodily injury and property damage. Examples include: someone gets hurt by tripping over a salon chair or a client steals a product.

California Cosmetology FAQs

Do I have prerequisites to complete?

If you are at least 16 years old and have completed at least up to a 10th grade education, you are eligible to obtaining a cosmetology license in the state of California.

What do I need to do to obtain my cosmetology license?

You will have to complete 1,600 school hours or 3,200 apprentice hours and pass both written and practical exams.

Do I need a license to be a cosmetology instructor?

a Cosmetology Instructor license is not required in the state of California.

Does the state of California require me to complete continuing education units (CEUs)?

CEUs are not required in California.

How often do I need to renew my cosmetology license?

A person practicing cosmetology must renew his or her license every two years—in odd-numbered years, by the original licensing date.

Moving to California from another state?

No problem, just make sure you hold a cosmetology license in your home state for at least three out of the last five years.

Why Carry Cosmetology Insurance?

Although insurance is not required in the state of California, it is a necessity for every cosmetologist in order to protect yourself and your business. Having the appropriate liability insurance coverage is just as important as being able to keep a thriving beauty business for any practicing cosmetology professional in the state of California.

The general rule for liability insurance coverage is the more coverage you have, the better off you will be in protecting yourself and your business from financially draining lawsuits, while also adding to the total premium paid. Although most cosmetology professionals are conscious of safe working practices, there is always a chance of an accident occurring on the job. This is why obtaining liability insurance in California is a financially wise decision.