Founded in 1995, the Alternative Balance LLC Group is a parent company of various online trade associations, which provide liability insurance and other resources to members of the alternative medicine, beauty, and wellness industries.

The Alternative Therapy Association (ATA) and the Salon and Spa Association (SSA) are two of the sister companies owned by this insurance group. Both are BBB Accredited Businesses and are currently located in Bradford, NH. Alternative Balance was initially underwritten by Essex but switched to Great American Insurance Group in July 2012. Great American is an A.M. “A” rated insurance carrier.

Both ATA and SSA offer the Alternative Balance policy and thus provide liability insurance coverage to students and professionals specializing in the same modalities. However, as an association, ATA is primarily comprised of practitioners of complementary and alternative medicines. This includes massage therapists, animal massage therapists, energy workers, yoga and dance instructors, and personal trainers. SSA, on the other hand, concentrates on individuals in the salon and spa industry including cosmetologists, estheticians, henna artists, body and face painters, nail technicians, and hair stylists.

Cosmetology Insurance Program

ATA and SSA offer three membership levels to cosmetologists: professional, part-time professional, and student. Their professional rate is $179; part-time professional rate is $159; and student rate is $119. In order to qualify for the part-time rate, individuals must work an average of 20 hours or less per week.

Each program provides 12 full months of claims-made coverage, which includes professional and general liability insurance, identity protection, business personal property coverage, and rental damage insurance. It’s significant to note that claims-made policies are only effective if the insurance claim is made during your coverage period, regardless of when the incident occurred.

Product liability coverage may be added on to an ATASSA policy for an additional fee of $650-$750. These extra costs cover the sale and distribution of homemade beauty, fitness, or wellness products. Additional benefits of the program include 30-day trials of a website and virtual phone system, marketing resources, business templates, social media tips, and free trials of accounting software.

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